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About Us

Welcome to Hashimoto Foods, a website dedicated to those suffering from Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. I decided to create the site as I am married to a wonderful woman who was diagnosed with the disease over 15 years ago, but together we have been learning much more about the condition and its impact on (and by) the diet.

In the relevant sections of the site I have put together some basic information on the disease, but my focus has been on sharing recipes that I hope will help others to ease their suffering and get back to a sense of normality. We will continue to develop and add to the sections as we learn more.

The difference in our method is that we understand that one approach may not suit everyone, some sufferers also suffer lactose intolerance for example, which we do not. Some principals are the same for all sufferers, but in our case my wife’s dietary requirements are exacerbated by an intolerance to garlic and onions and I am cucumber intolerant. Therefore, my recipes tend to cater for those with a similar intolerance, but you can always add these ingredients to your dishes if you do not have the same intolerance, or adapt them to your specific needs. For example, to replace Garlic and Onion I use grated Carrots for depth and powdered Fenugreek (available from all Indian shops) for flavour, sometimes balanced with Tamarind paste.

Through discussions with medical professionals as well as trial and error, my wife and I have managed to improve her general state of health and enjoyment of life. We are, however, still learning and are always open to new ideas and approaches. Please note that some of the recipes we show are meant for special occasions as they are higher in calories, generally you should aim to keep to a low calorie, high fibre diet.

If you want to join in, please do give us some feedback on our facebook page or by emailing us through the contacts page.

I do not run Hashimoto Foods as a business, rather, it is a hobby that is meant to help inform others seeking either support for similar issues, or, ideas for cooking.


Cuisines of all types have always been my hobby and so I enjooy the challenge of adapting and changing recipes as well as creating my own. I am not a trained chef, I just love to cook and (hopefully) please people with the results.


I hope you enjoy our site and are inspired to create our dishes as well.

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