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Chicken Rice Cake or Persian Tachin Ba Morgh

Cook Time:

Approximately 2 hours


5 - 6 people

Chicken Rice Cake or Persian Tachin Ba Morgh

For the Chicken mix: 4 organic, free range chicken breasts, 1 dessert spoon of vegetable oil, 2 teaspoons powdered fenugreek, 1 teaspoon white balsamic vinegar and a good few twists of Rock salt and black pepper
For the rice: 500 g basmati rice, 400 millilitres gluten free vegetable stock, 43 g olive oil, 1 teaspoon turmeric, a couple of pinches of Saffron
For the sauce: 4 organic large eggs, 150 g sheep’s yoghurt and a twist of salt
50 g butter
For a topping: 2 dessert spoons of barberry’s

Begin by pre-heating your oven to 180 degrees Celsius. Remove any sinew or fat from the chicken breasts then slice into fingers and cut in half so you end up with pieces around 3 cm length. Heat some vegetable oil in a large saucepan and then add the chicken then cook until browned in all sides before adding the powdered fenugreek, a good few twists of salt and pepper, a teaspoon of white balsamic vinegar and then the vegetable stock, bring to a high simmer and cook for 30 minutes until the liquid has evaporated. While this is happening, thoroughly rinse the basmati rice then place 850 millilitres water in a large saucepan and bring to the boil before adding the rice, 43 g olive oil, turmeric, half a teaspoon of saffron and a twist of salt, mix well then bring to a simmer before placing a lid on top and reducing the heat to the lowest you can then leave for 10 minutes.

Once your rice is cooked, turn off the heat but leave the lid on. Separate 4 egg yolks into a mixing jug then use a whisk to mix until the yolks are fluffy then add in the yoghurt, two pinches of saffron and a little salt. When done, add six desert spoons of the egg mix to the chicken and the rest to the rice and mix well.
Next add some vegetable oil to a deep sided oven proof dish and make sure it coats all the inner edges. Add a third of the rice to the dish and use a spoon to push down to form a layer on the bottom, then add half the chicken mix on top. Then add another third of the rice on top and use a spoon to push down and make another layer before adding the final rest of rice on top and smoothing off with the back of a spoon. Drizzle over the melted butter evenly then transfer to the bottom of the top third of your oven and cook for 90 minutes. When done leave to cool for 10 minutes then top with barberry’s before serving.

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