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Turkey, Carrot and Walnut Bake

Cook Time:

50 minutes


Serves 4 - 5 people

Turkey, Carrot and Walnut Bake

60 g walnuts
2-3 slices of gluten free bread
1/3 teaspoon grated fenugreek
2 medium sized carrots
25 g parmesan cheese
5 g flat leaf parsley
1 teaspoon dried sage
A twist of salt and pepper
56 g semi skimmed milk
2 eggs
455 g turkey mince

Start to pre-heat your oven to 175-177 degrees Celsius and then prepare a bread baking tin by layering in a sheet of baking paper. (A little tip, if you scrunch up the paper first it is easier to fit into the tin).
Now prepare your ingredients starting with the carrots, which you should peel, top and tail and then grate. Once grated, you will need to cook the carrots on a gentle heat in a dry frying pan for just a minute or two to make them soft. If you grate them on the smallest possible level you may not need to cook them, but I like to err on the side of caution. Once done, set aside to cool.

In your blender (using a blade implement), add the walnuts and then crumble the gluten-free bread into rough large crumbs and blend for about a minute or two, then transfer into a large mixing bowl. Now use a grating blade in your mixer to freshly grate the parmesan cheese and add this to the bowl with the dried sage, the cooked carrots as well as the salt and pepper and mix well.

Finally, separate the whites of the eggs and beat these lightly by hand for about a minute. Now add this and the milk to the bowl and then the turkey mince. Use a fork to thoroughly mix everything together and once well mixed add to the prepared baking tin, using the fork to press the mix into the form. Now bake in the oven for 50 minutes, slice and serve.

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