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Colourful Summer Salad

Cook Time:

No cooking required


2 people

Colourful Summer Salad

Two handfuls of vine-ripened organic cherry tomatoes
1 yellow pepper (Capsicum)
1 small jar of Capers
A twist of salt and pepper
2 dessert spoons extra virgin olive oil
½ a dessert spoon sherry vinegar

A simple and colourful salad that is perfect for mid-week lunches. Start by removing the cherry tomatoes from the vine and then washing them thoroughly. Place on a chopping board and cut in half then place in a large bowl or Tupperware container if taking with you for lunch.

Take the pepper and use a small sharp knife to cut into the top around the stem. Once all the way around, use your fingers to lever out the stem and you should get this and the seeds underneath almost in one go. Throw the stem/seeds away then thoroughly wash the pepper before placing on a chopping board. Slice down the side next to one of the light-coloured internal lines, then use the tip of the knife to cut just behind the white line to remove the flesh from behind it. Repeat at the next line so you take a segment of the pepper out and continue until you have finished the pepper, then slice the segments into thin strips before then dicing them by slicing across them and add to the tomatoes.

Next drain the Capers into a sieve rinse then add to the salad and then top with a twist of salt and pepper. Finally add the oil and vinegar, mix thoroughly and you are done!

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