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Indian Summer Salad

Cook Time:

No cooking required


3 - 4 people

Indian Summer Salad

450 g carrots
65 g dried and shredded coconut
75 g unsalted peanuts
Juice of one lime
½ a teaspoon of icing sugar
½ a teaspoon of rock salt
2 fresh green chillies
2 dessert spoons oil
¼ a teaspoon cumin seeds (whole)

Shred your carrots into thin small long slivers (I use the smallest setting on the blender slice as it releases the juice of the carrots) and place in the salad bowl, then mix in the coconut.

In a dry frying pan, gently toast the peanuts for a few minutes, if they start to get too brown take them out. Once toasted, place them in a mortar and use the pestle to break them up into reasonably small pieces, then add this to the carrots in the salad bowl and mix. In a separate bowl, add the juice of one lime. Mix into this the icing sugar and salt and once mixed, stir into the carrots in the salad bowl. Now chop up your chillies into small pieces. Add the oil to the frying pan and, once heated, add the chillies and cumin seeds heating and turning with a spatula for only 10 seconds. Once done, add to the salad bowl and mix everything thoroughly then you are ready to serve.

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