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Som Tam or Thai Papaya Salad

Cook Time:

About 5 minnutes, preparation time arund 20 minutes


3 - 4 people

Som Tam or Thai Papaya Salad

1 unripe Papaya (this is important for the flavour, if you peel the Papaya and it is yellow it is ripe)
4 fresh Thai Chillies
½ a teaspoon powdered fenugreek
2 small tomatoes quartered
1 tin of French green beans
4 dessert spoon unsalted peanuts
1 pack of prawns
2 dessert spoons Thai fish sauce
Juice from 2 whole limes
3 dessert spoons palm sugar

Begin by peeling the Papaya, checking that it is not ripe while doing so then topping and tailing before cutting in half. Now take a dessert spoon, hold half the Papaya firmly over your bin and use the spoon to remove all the seeds in the middle as well as the fibrous material surrounding it. Once done, half each piece and use a blender with a small grater to finely grate the Papaya into a large bowl, preferably of thick plastic. Once all the Papaya is grated and in the bowl, use a pestle to hammer it for a bit.

Next drain the green beans (or if using fresh then wash, top and tail and cut into 5 cm pieces) and then add them to the Papaya. Wash the tomatoes then cut them into quarters and add this to the Papaya along with the fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar then use the pestle to bash it all down again before mixing with a spoon. Measure the peanuts into a mortar then use the pestle to break these into small bits before adding to the Papaya and using the pestle on everything again, then mixing with a spoon.

Finally, heat a non-stick frying pan and, when hot, flash fry the prawns until crisp. When done, add to the Papaya, stir everything thoroughly and serve.

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