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Gratin de Ravioles or Pasta Filled with Chestnut and Mascarpone baked with Cheese and Cream

Cook Time:

50 minutes cooking time


Portion for 4 – 5 people

Gratin de Ravioles or Pasta Filled with Chestnut and Mascarpone baked with Cheese and Cream

For the pasta –
420 g gluten free flour (I used Schaer)
2 teaspoons xanthan gum (which is a powder)
6 medium sized free-range eggs

For the filling –
1 bunch flat-leaf parsley
200 g finely chopped cooked chestnuts (traditional recipe uses 50g Walnuts)
2 egg yolks
100 g grated Gruyere cheese
100g grated Parmesan cheese
60 grams of butter
500 g mascarpone (traditional recipe uses 200g cream cheese)
One desert spoon ground black pepper

For the casserole -
150 g Comté, grated
300 ml cream (I used cream replacement Rama 7% fat)

I made this recipe with a pasta machine, these are readily available and once you have made your own you will never want to buy ready-made pasta again. A warning though, if when you are putting the pasta through the machine it is getting crumbly then it is too wet and you will need to add more gluten free flour as a dusting. While making the pasta, pre-heat your oven to 180 degrees Celsius.
To start, Rinse the parsley under cold water, shake dry and chop very finely. Melt 30 g butter in a pan and sauté the parsley in it, then (when cooled) pour the parsley into a bowl and mix with the mascarpone, chestnuts, egg yolks and the grated cheeses. Season with salt and pepper.

Now measure out the gluten free flour into a bowl, add the xanthan gum and mix well. Make a hole in the middle and then crack in the eggs, whisk slightly with a fork and then use a blender with dough forks to mix everything into a dough. It took me about 5 minutes and it is a little sticky when done. Dust the work surface with flour, turn out the dough and knead for a good 4 minutes to ensure it is all mixed and solid. Separate into 4 equal balls of dough and cover three with cling film. Dust the top of the fourth ball of dough with more flour and use your hand to flatten, then use a rolling pin with more flour on to roll out into a hand wide long shape about 5 mm thin, dust with more flour then wind it through your pasta machine on its widest setting. When it comes out, fold the top third down and the bottom third up, turn the piece sideways and run through the pasta machine another two or three times until it is smooth. Reduce the size setting and repeat twice more, then lay the pasta sheet out on the work surface and repeat with the remaining dough.
Pipe the filling in small heaps onto a sheet of dough using a piping nozzle (or use two teaspoons to place a dollop), the distance between the fillings should be about 2 to 3 cm, but I made larger dollops with wider gaps. Carefully place a second sheet of dough on top and use a chopstick to press down around the outside of the filling then cut out the ravioli with a pastry wheel. Grease an ovenproof dish with the remaining butter and then add a layer of ravioles before topping with the grated Comté until all the ravioles are in the dish topped with cheese. Finally pour the cream over the top and then bake in the oven for about 45 minutes until crispy.

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