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Sweet & Spicy, Creamy Mushroom & Green Bean Pasta Sauce

Cook Time:

Approximately 10 minutes to cook


3 - 4 people

Sweet & Spicy, Creamy Mushroom & Green Bean Pasta Sauce

250 g brown mushrooms
100 g fine green beans
1 teaspoon powdered fenugreek
1 – 2 habanero chilli peppers (depending how hot you like your food)
1 dessert spoon vegetable oil
250 millilitres white wine
200 g soured cream
3 teaspoons gluten free flour dissolved in 2 dessert spoons of water
A handful of fresh parsley
Gluten free pasta ( I used tagliatelle)

Start as usual by preparing your ingredients. Put on some latex gloves (or your hands will burn, and/or you will wipe chilli into your eyes or face and believe me it will burn) then remove the stalk of the habanero with the seeds attached and discard. Wash the outside and inside of the peppers, then use a sharp knife to cut out the internal white structures before then finely dicing the peppers and setting aside. You can now remove the gloves, then take a small dry brush and use this to clean the mushrooms while removing the stalks (these can be used making a vegetable stock separately). Once done dice the mushrooms and set aside before topping and tailing the green beans, washing them thoroughly then cutting into bite sized pieces. Continue by removing the parsley leaves, washing thoroughly then finely chopping and set aside. Finally add 2 dessert spoons of water into a mug, then sieve in 3 teaspoons gluten free flour and then mix together to form a thick paste. Now you are ready to cook.

Heat the vegetable oil in a large pan and when hot add the chopped chillies and mushrooms. Add a good few twists of salt and pepper as well as the powdered fenugreek and stir fry on a high heat for 2 minutes. Reduce the heat slightly then add the chopped green beans and white wine, mix well and simmer for 5 minutes stirring regularly. Add the sourced cream and stir in to the pan and continue to simmer while stirring for another minute or two. Add the gluten free flour and water paste and stir thoroughly over the heat until the sauce has thickened and continue to simmer for another minute, then remove from the heat. Serve pasta to plates then top with a couple of ladles of the sauce before garnishing with chopped parsley.

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